Who Are We?

Hi, I am Wade Corley and my team and I are committed to cultivating the finest strains of medical cannabis and growing only clean natural plants to produce CLEAN NATURAL MEDICINE.  For over twenty years, I have designed and engineered growing platforms to accomplish this goal of efficiently growing Clean cannabis.

My story starts with being born an identical twin.  My brother and I come from a successful family of commercial Union plumbers and we were raised from a very young age to be trained in this field and come into the family business.  My future was set and my career was proceeding very well.  I became the top designer in the company and then one day at work my life changed forever.  While out on the warehouse floor, I was injured on the job when a 300 lb. pallet fell from the 3rd floor balcony onto my hardhat, breaking my neck.

After a very long recovery that included multiple surgeries and now adjusting to living with real pain for the rest of my life, I evaluated by future and made a decision to pursue my first passion as a teenager and that was to master growing plants hydroponically.  I had a passion as a hobby at the age of 12 to grow a cannabis plant to the top of a phototron grow unit, back then it was so cool!!  Using this past experience, I used my designer talents and at the age of 18 I designed the NFT45 method of growing cannabis and I have continued to perfect this method to this day.  And now we have a fully proven platform system that is the Best of the Best with the lowest costs to operate and to yield a quality crop….in every respect.

We are proud to present a Series of grow platforms that will outperform all indoor growing operations in cost to produce the finest quality and equivalent yields.  While I have created this method to grow Clean Medicine because I do not want to have to depend on taking pills for my chronic illnesses (I’d rather use the Entourage effect by using both CBD and THC to control my pain!),  my team and I have created a dynamic Grow Platform that is commercially astounding.  Now I am making the best medicine the least expensive way possible without compromising quality.

Our platform has produced top quality product over this past year where we have won our first competition entry for best CBD flower (2nd place) using the Producer Series a few months ago and now we are going for best CBD and best Hybrid flowers using the same platform.

Kushstock Festival 2018 Best CBD Flower, we got 2nd place with “Cuties” SuzyQ x Tangie breed

1st Place "New Product" 2018

We improved our NFT45 platform plant growth performance by adding the BioRadiance BRe3 Wands to our operation. Our Nutrient Uptake increased by 50% over our last four crop cycles and our plant's health, our yields and our product quality have been consistently better ever since.

Nutrient Uptake Up by 50% on the NFT45 Hydroponic System

Our NFT45 platform is delivering greater oil yields than every before. For years we realized yields from our buds of 15-20%, depending on the CBD strains we are cultivating. All of this year, we are consistently averaging 25-30% oil yields on comparable strains since we added the BRe3 Wand as standard equipment.

Increased Oil Yield of 60% on our Elmer’s Glue THC Strain

The NFT45 platform is now better than ever. We are delivering ever improving yields and consistently lowering operating costs. Our IPM costs are now ZERO for the last three complete crop cycles. This is the cleanest growing environment I know of.

Highest Yields and Lowest Operating Costs EVER