Enterprise Series CMH Grow System


Model: Enterprise Series Double Decker/DimLux 315w CMH with BioRadiance BRe3 Wands
Double Decker dimensions: 4′ D x 10′ W x 10′ H
Plant capacity: 172 (86/level)
Platform dimensions: 4′ x 10′
Grow lighting: Ten (10) DimLux 315w CMH  lights plus Ten (10) BioRadiance BRe3 Wands (Supplemental Lighting Bars)

NFT45 Platform Operating Costs Per Crop Cycle

NFT45 Grow Cycle: 45 Days minimum/60 Days maximum
Platform Grow Area Dimensions: 2 Levels of 4’ x 10’
Total Plants per Platform: 172 plants
Clone Costs per Platform: $.25 each x 99
Electricity Cost Basis: $.20/kWh
Lighting Systems Usage: Grow lighting on 18 on/6 off in Veg and 12 on/12 off in Flower
• LED lighting array consumes 3150w when operating with Supplemental lighting (BioRadiance BRe³ Wand) on/off the same time periods each day
• 10 Wands consume 220w total when operating
CO2 System Usage: 15# tank every two weeks
HVAC System Usage: 24/7 through entire grow cycle
Humidifier Usage: 50% of grow time against on/off meter settings
Dehumidifier Usage: 10 hours daily…at night.
Nutrients Required per Grow Cycle: $200 in nutrients based on NFT water system with needs of 500 ppm concentration vs. normal soil standard of 1800 ppm levels
Water Required per Grow Cycle: 600 Gallons
Labor Required per Grow Cycle: 20 minutes/day (20 hours/60 days)
Operating Cost per Grow Cycle: Under $160 per pound (does not include rent)
This NFT45 Platform Yields: THC strains normally yield up to 12# of product
CBD strains normally yield up to 10# of product
NFT45 Operational Advantages:
1. Fully Developed Clean Clones with 10-12” roots entering platform on Day 1
2. System bypasses early Veg Stage
3. Zero to minimal hermaphrodite occurrence
4. Closed System and plants determine when to take water and/or nutrients.
5. Nutrients and Water work in concert and plants determine which they want and how much.
6. Daily monitoring of water levels and pH determine when either is added.