Enterprise Series LED Grow System


Model: Enterprise Series Double Decker/ProGrowTech™ LED with BioRadiance BRe3 Wands
Double Decker dimensions: 4′ D x 10′ W x 10′ H
Plant capacity: 172 (86/level)
Platform dimensions: 4′ x 10′
Grow lighting: Four (4) ProGrowTech Evolve 700 and Two (2) ProGrowTech Elevate 360 LED grow lights plus Ten (10) BioRadiance BRe3 Wands (Supplemental Lighting Bars)

NFT45 Platform Operating Costs Per Grow Cycle

NFT45 Grow Cycle: 45 Days minimum/60 Days maximum
Platform Grow Area Dimensions: 2 Levels of 4’ x 10’
Total Plants per Platform: 172 plants
Clone Costs per Platform: $.25 each x 99
Electricity Cost Basis: $.20/kWh
Lighting Systems Usage: Grow lighting on 18 on/6 off in Veg and 12 on/12 off in Flower
• LED lighting array consumes 3520w when operating with Supplemental lighting (BioRadiance BRe³ Wand) on/off the same time periods each day
• 10 Wands consume 220w total when operating
CO2 System Usage: 15# tank every two weeks
HVAC System Usage: 24/7 through entire grow cycle
Humidifier Usage: 50% of grow time against on/off meter settings
Dehumidifier Usage: 10 hours daily…at night.
Nutrients Required per Grow Cycle: $200 in nutrients based on NFT water system with needs of 500 ppm concentration vs. normal soil standard of 1800 ppm levels
Water Required per Grow Cycle: 600 Gallons
Labor Required per Grow Cycle: 20 minutes/day (20 hours/60 days)
Operating Cost per Grow Cycle: Under $160 per pound (does not include rent)
This NFT45 Platform Yields: THC strains normally yield up to 12# of product
CBD strains normally yield up to 10# of product
NFT45 Operational Advantages:
1. Fully Developed Clean Clones with 10-12” roots entering platform on Day 1
2. System bypasses early Veg Stage
3. Zero to minimal hermaphrodite occurrence
4. Closed System and plants determine when to take water and/or nutrients.
5. Nutrients and Water work in concert and plants determine which they want and how much.
6. Daily monitoring of water levels and pH determine when either is added.