What is the “NFT45” Growing System

“NFT45” Nutrient Film Technique is a growing platform consisting of multiple channels.  Each channel will have a designated number of plant insertion holes to deposit fully rooted clones.  Each channel has a snap on lid for easy cleaning. Each channel is flat at the bottom and can easily handle 6 1/2” wide massive roots.  Our proven engineering design allows a thin film of nutrient rich water to be running continuously down one direction through the channel configuration recirculating through a reservoir with oxygen and then through a chiller just before returning through to the roots in the channels. We keep the water at the desired temperature and with metering you can see how each strain reacts to different concentrations of nutrients and water because the different strains drink more nutrient water, not just water alone. We have proven over the past decade that if the plant doesn’t like the dose it will let you know right away, and if the dose is right on the plants they drink lots of water with the nutrients. You can tell by the meter and if the plants only drink water because the concentration will rise. If the plants are happy they will take up nutrients with the water and the concentration will stay the same while the water level drops in the reservoir. This method gives you the operational science to manipulate the growth to the plants to achieve their maximum potential.

Why should I purchase the NFT45 Grow System?

Because it is imperative that we increase crop yields on high quality product and reduce our operating costs to stay competitive in the marketplace.  Our systems will reduce labor costs and utility costs.  Our systems will give you results so outstanding that you can get to a point where you won’t need a vegetative stage. “That is a game changer” because you will go straight into flower from clone.

The All water NFT45 hydroponic method of growing cannabis allows you to grow a crop (a) in a very clean environment (no soils) and (b) with the least amount of upfront spending for each new crop. After you have made your platform investment, your capital outlay going forward for each new crop is minimal. Our system requires no expendables.  Because we are an all water hydro method, you use 90% less water than drip to waste methods.  


How Does It Deliver Great Results?

The NFT45 system works in specific ways that help the grower dial in the perfect nutrient strength for each strain you grow.  Our engineering design continually recirculates nutrients and gives the plant what it wants, when it wants them. You will maximize your plant’s nutrient uptake because it will be determined by your plants.  You will not waste expensive nutrient costs guessing what your plants require. Our platforms average $100 in nutrient costs for every 100 plants harvested. These harvests yield us at least 5# of high quality buds….every 60 days or less.

This is the ultimate point to get to so you can save tons of money without having a vegetive room in your facility.

When Can I Expect Savings and Results?

WITH YOUR VERY FIRST GROW CYCLE.  A key operational step in becoming a successful cultivator is to produce strong, healthy well-rooted Clones.  Our Grow System delivers this vital first step.  We are achieving a 100% success rate with our clones through our process.  And we are reducing our time to transplanting into the NFT45 platform by at least 10 days.  After you clone from the mother and insert the cuttings into an EZ-Cloner about 14 days later your clones will have strong bare roots long enough to place into the NFT45 channels. Once the clones are in the system, the plants start growing very fast. They will require 12-24 hours to acclimate then they grow approximately 4”-6” a day till the 10th day of flower.  At this stage, they slow down on height and proceed to accelerate growth in the flowering stage.

We deliver big labor savings because basically all you will have to do is trim fan leaves as needed for maximum light penetration, and simply monitor the reservoir.  These are the only labor maintenance actions you are required to do. The NFT45 system contains the knowledge of what the plant needs, when it needs it, and knowing what to look for.

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